Buying a Home You and Your Furry Friend Will Love

Some of us have kids, some have pets, and some very lucky people have both! Whether you’ve got human kids or ones that bark, your furry friends are most definitely part of the family. From knitting cute sweaters to keep Fido warm to buying those expensive all natural, organic cat treats, we can sometimes go overboard for our four legged-family members.

What’s not over the top, though, is seriously considering your pets when you move. From home type to location there are important factors you should consider when purchasing your next house so that it’s pet friendly. Following are three things to look for so that you purchase a home both you and your pet will love.


Just like you research school districts and amenities your family can enjoy, you can similarly research pet-friendly areas to make sure that your house is located in an area that works for your animals. Make sure there is a good vet in the area in case of emergencies and that there is a pet store close by so you always know where to go to get food and maintenance items for your pets. A plus would be having animal sitters close. Another plus would be having a dog park where you and your pet can enjoy time on the weekends and in the evenings.

Spend some time driving or walking around the neighborhood to get a “pet feel” for the place. Are there people out walking their dogs? Or does it seem a rather unfriendly atmosphere for your pet? Also consider the home itself. Dogs usually don’t have a problem if the previous owner owned a canine, but cats are very territorial and the feline smell could be a major problem when you move in.


Speaking of the home itself, know your animal and what would be safe for both you and him. If you’ve got a dog that likes scratching, inspect the floors to make sure they’re well sealed. And maybe forego the carpet. Furthermore know your “must haves” for the place—a big back yard, and a fence to keep your best friend safe, for instance.

Monitor the area for traffic. Think about how safe your street is for you cat or dog if they are out and about. If there are fun features like a pool in the back yard, be willing to pay a little extra to get it fenced off to protect your pet depending on her ability to swim.


County and city code restrictions vary from place to place, so make sure you know what you’re getting into when you move. You can contact the city/county directly, or your local vet or animal shelter should have good information for you.

Also, not all Home Owners Associations allow pets! Especially if you live in condos or townhomes, make sure you carefully read the rules and regulations before purchasing to make sure you’re moving into a pet friendly neighborhood. Then make sure you attend all HOA meetings to make sure the neighborhood remains a pet-friendly place.

Pets can be a lot of work, but the payoff is definitely worth it. There are plenty of homes that both you and your pet will like out there, so don’t be worried—just be smart and aware. This will ensure a great move for you, your family, and your precious pets.

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