Tips for Increasing Natural Lighting in Your Home

Did you know that increasing the natural light in your home could actually make you feel better, both physically and psychologically? We all thrive on warm, natural light. More natural light in your home will also save you on electricity costs and make your home a more welcoming place for others. Your home will even feel more spacious with more natural light.

If you had a long, cold winter, these tips for increasing natural light in your home will be especially welcome. And if you live in a more temperate year-round climate, you may find a few ways to benefit from that great weather even more. Read on to find out how to take advantage of the longer days and fresh air.

Windows and Doors

Maximize the light from your existing windows. First, keep your windows clean. It really does make a difference. Open up all your curtains and shades during the day. Heavy, multi-layer draperies keep out a lot of light. Consider lighter fabrics like cotton or linen, especially in the warmer months. Sheer draperies can be a good choice since they don’t block any light. Venetian blinds are also a good choice because you can control the amount of light that comes in and can angle that light to a particular area. Avoid Roman shades, which block light even when they are open.

Consider adding glass doors in the kitchen or living room areas. They let in large amounts of light and give you a great view to the outdoors. If you’re concerned about curious neighbors or people passing by, etched or reeded glass can give you light without sacrificing your privacy. You can also replace solid interior doors with glass or French doors. French doors at the entrance to a room can make dark spots like hallways feel more open and welcoming.

Also consider cleaning up any shrubbery or trees that may be blocking light from windows and doors. A little trimming, even just taking off a few branches, can make a surprising difference.


Regular skylights are expensive to put in and often leak rainwater. Tubular solar skylights, on the other hand, reflect light through a tube via a small roof opening. Their installation costs are fairly low, particularly compared to conventional skylights. Tubular skylights should be installed in the rooms you use most often and that receive the most sunlight.

Paint and Furniture

White or light paint colors, particularly cool shades like blues and grays, reflect natural light better. Natural creams and taupes are also a good choice. Matte finishes reflect light in all directions, unlike glossy paint, which causes glare. White trim around windows can help, too. Light-colored furniture will also absorb less light than darker furniture. And don’t darken windows by blocking them with furniture.

Mirrors can be an easy and inexpensive way to increase the natural light in your home. Since mirrors reflect light, hanging a large mirror opposite a window can double the light streaming into your house. You can also buy furniture with glass or chrome accents to reflect a little additional light.

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