The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the United States

No matter what house you buy, there’s always something more expensive out there. In the case of these four houses, much more expensive. These homes are so luxurious that they almost seem like a fantasy.

From a Mediterranean-inspired villa in Beverly Hills to a recently-constructed palace in Florida, here’s a look at the most expensive homes for sale in the United States right now. Read on to learn about these homes’ incredible amenities—and maybe you’ll get a few ideas of your own!

Beverly Hills, California

Is it any surprise that the most expensive home for sale in the United States right now is in Beverly Hills, California? It’s listed for $195,000,000. You must be pre-qualified to have a private showing of the “Palazzo di Amore” (Palace of Love). In case you wondering what that kind of cash buys, the home includes parking for 150 cars plus a 27-car garage, a large tennis court, and a wine-producing vineyard (which produces 400 to 500 cases per year for the estate’s private label). The 53,000 square foot house includes a 5,000 square foot master suite and 23 bathrooms (which you just might need if you have that much parking). In case that’s not enough space for you, there is also a 15,000 state-of-the-art entertainment complex, which was truly built with parties in mind. And just so you know, the house comes with 25 acres, as well. 

East Hampton, New York

The second-most-expensive listing in the United States is in New York, in the Hamptons. The property is situated on a knoll with a quarter mile of waterfront property. One can even see the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. This Georgian Revival home is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is complete with six bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a three-story living room, a gym, and a sunken library. It also contains handmade wallpaper and hand-stenciled ceilings. The property includes a guesthouse that is similar in style and quality to the main house. The large and beautiful grounds (11.2 acres) include a wide variety of centuries-old trees and other plant life. The property is a sanctuary to birds, so it really is a nature lover’s paradise. The grounds also have a tennis court, a large pool, a hot tub, and a gym.

Hillsboro Beach, Florida

Have you ever wanted to live in a palace? If you buy the newly-constructed Le Palais Royal in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, you can do just that. It is listed at $139,000,000 and has 11 bedrooms and 17 baths in 60,000 square feet of space. The property occupies four acres on the famed Millionaire’s Mile. Some of its luxurious features include an IMAX theater, a 4,500 square-foot infinity pool complete with an LED waterslide, a $2 million staircase, 22K gold-leaf finishes, and a 1,300 gallon aquarium. It has 465 feet of beachfront land and a place to dock a large yacht. It also includes a 30-car subterranean garage. The property features stone walkways and balconies, as well as six water fountains. A courtyard for entertaining includes a summer kitchen and pizza oven, as well as an outdoor lounge and indoor spa and massage rooms. And the property even comes with a putting green.

Beverly Hills, California, Again

We’ll end our look at the most expensive houses for sale right back where we started—Beverly Hills. The legendary Beverly House was built in 1927 and was purchased by silent-film actress Marion Davies as a gift for publisher William Randolph Hearst. It is also where JFK and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned. Originally purchased for just $120,000, the house is now for sale for $135,000,000. The home was designed by famed architect Gordan Kaufmann. The 17-bedroom, 29-bathroom house includes a gorgeous library with hand-carved woodwork and a staircase that leads to a second-story walkway and bookshelves. The 22-foot-high living room was designed to double as a theater, and the family room with outdoor terrace can accommodate up to 400 people for sit-down dining. Fortunately, the house comes with a commercial kitchen. The property also includes an art-deco night club, two projection rooms, a wine cellar, a gym, and spa and massage rooms. The property also includes plenty of room for the staff you’d need with a house like this—offices and lodgings, as well as a security cottage.

Photo of East Hampton, New York, home

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