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Marin County Mortgages

New Marin County Office

The San Francisco team of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) is excited to announce the launch of a new location […]

Tiny Homes For Sale Around America

Enjoy a look at some tiny homes for sale around the country. They will make you grateful for all your space (but they might also make you wish that you could simplify, too).

Some of the Best Home-Related Instagram Feeds

You can spend hours looking at great home-related Instagram feeds. Here are some of the best design, architecture, and DIY pages around.

The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the United States

If you’ve ever wondered how the really rich live, here’s a peek into what kinds of prices beyond-luxurious homes command.

Tis the Season to Stay Safe!

Whether you’re traveling or looking forward to a nice quiet holiday at home, follow these tips to keep your home safe and secure.

The Evil Debt Collectors Who Went Too Far and the People Who Fought Back

Imagine a scenario with me. You’re sitting at lunch, your phone rings and you answer it. BAM! It’s a debt collector. You thought you’d paid that debt so you’re unsure why they’re calling. Can they do this? What rights do you have as a consumer?

5 Fictional Homes That Exist in Real Life

Life and art are sometimes alike in many ways. While we tell our own stories in our homes, we’re constantly surrounded by fictional stories that prominently feature “real life” homes. But what happens when those homes exist in real life?

Here are 5 examples of homes that blur the lines between art, entertainment, and reality.