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Best Home Decorating Blogs

With all of the home decorating blogs out there, it can be hard to know where to look when you need some ideas for your own home. This is especially true if you don’t really know what your home decorating style is. Lucky, some of these blogs are on a mission to  help you figure that out. Sometimes it’s great to just pull up a well-written blog and relax by looking at all of the beautiful pictures—these blogs are good for that, too.

So whether it’s just for fun or whether you have a new home to decorate, these blogs fit the bill. They’re a lot of fun and are chock full of good information, too. Here are some of the best home decorating blogs out there right now, so go check them out!

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Proportion and Placement in Design

There are so many things to think about when decorating a room—you have to find the right balance of colors, textures, and shapes to make a room come to life. And you want to make all of it fit your own personal style.

The important elements of proportion and placement often get neglected during the design process, but they go a long way towards making a room warm and welcoming. You can have perfectly coordinated pictures, for instance, but they’ll still look wrong if they’re not hanging in a balanced way. Learn more about how to use proportion and placement to your advantage as you decorate.

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Basic Architectural Styles Everyone Should Know

When you put together your wish list for your new home, your REALTOR will likely want to know what architectural style you’re looking for. Though you might not have your heart set on a certain type, knowing a few basic architectural designs will help you build a vocabulary to properly express what it is you really want. It’ll most likely impress your REALTOR too!

Realizing that this is far from a complete list, each one of these home types has its own unique bit of history and charm. When you’re looking for your next home, don’t spend all of your time touring the inside—make sure to take a look at the outside as well, admiring the design and layout. Continue reading “Basic Architectural Styles Everyone Should Know”