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Making Your Home Safe for Halloween

One of the best parts of Halloween is making your house look spooky for trick-or-treaters. But keep safety in mind while you’re decorating with pumpkins, strings of lights, and fake tombstones.

A little thinking ahead goes a long way toward making your home and yard a safe place for trick-or-treaters to come. Make it easy for them to get to your door with these simple steps.

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Making the Most of Small Spaces

If you’ve ever rented before, you know that you often have to give up a few of the things you really want in a rental apartment or home. One of the things renters have to give up is space. And it can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you don’t have enough space to really enjoy the place you live.

There are some easy ways to better store your stuff and give you more space. If you understand how you really use the space you have, you can make better decisions about how to organize a room. Easy things like placing your furniture well and buying things that are the right scale will also help immensely. If you’re smart about how you use your small space, you can make it feel bigger than it actually is. Continue reading “Making the Most of Small Spaces”

Home Renovations That Aren’t Worth Your Time or Money

If you want to make changes to your home, you may talk yourself (or your family members) into it by saying that any upgrade is sure to increase your home’s value. But that’s not always true. Some renovations can actually devalue your home by making it more difficult to sell.

Of course, it’s important to enjoy your home. But it’s also wise to think of future buyers before making major changes. Think twice before you pour time and money into upgrades that will hurt your ability to sell in the future. If you really want to do some of these things anyway, just remember that you are unlikely to recoup much of what you spent and that your house may spend more time on the market before it sells. Here are some “upgrades” to avoid. Continue reading “Home Renovations That Aren’t Worth Your Time or Money”

Tips for a Welcoming Front Entrance

Your front door area should extend a warm welcome to anyone who stops by. For better or worse, it’s the first impression people have of your home (and sometimes, of you). It doesn’t have to take much time or money to transform this important space.

A little bit of planning and a few quick replacements will make the area right outside your front door look intentional and put-together. And with a few minor improvements to the indoors, that feeling will stay as people walk through the front door. Read on for a few suggestions to improve this often-neglected space. Continue reading “Tips for a Welcoming Front Entrance”

Tips for Preventing and Killing Bathroom Mold

We’re all familiar with the dank smell that indicates mold growing somewhere nearby. What people may not realize, however, is that mold can actually be more than an annoyance or minor inconvenience. Mold can turn into a serious problem if it’s not promptly dealt with.

Since you can’t ever entirely get rid of mold, it’s best to prevent it before you have it. Bathrooms have a very high moisture content that makes them especially susceptible to mold problems. Here are some ideas for preventing mold, and if you already have it, here are some easy cleaning ideas. Continue reading “Tips for Preventing and Killing Bathroom Mold”

How to Choose a Contractor

You need some work done on your home, but maybe you’ve never hired someone before or you’ve moved to a new area and need to find a contractor. Choosing someone to take on your project can be a little overwhelming.

The last thing you need on top of a home renovation is a problem with your contractor. After all, you’ve hired someone to do the work to make your renovation easier, not more stressful! A few simple guidelines will ensure that you find the right contractor to make your project a reality with as little stress as possible. Continue reading “How to Choose a Contractor”

Easy Tips to Lower Your Utility Bills

Who enjoys spending hundreds of dollars on utilities every month? That’s right, no one. But most of us don’t even think about all the little things we do every day that cost us money.

Some small changes in your home can be really worthwhile. Sure, each change might just save you a few cents here and there, but over time, this can add up to big savings. With some easy and inexpensive cost-saving measures, you can painlessly save some of that cash you’re shelling out each month. Continue reading “Easy Tips to Lower Your Utility Bills”

2014 Home Renovations with the Best ROI

Want to add value to your property, but not sure which improvements are most worth your time, effort and—especially—your money? The heady fix-and-flip days of 2006 may be long gone, but certain renovations still increase your property’s appeal and add to its value.

Every year, puts out an annual Cost vs. Value report on the top home renovations with the biggest payout (as well as a list of the ones to avoid). The data in this report is a great way to test our assumptions about what adds the most value to our homes. So, without further adieu, let’s check out some of the findings from this year’s Cost vs. Value report and find those home renovations with the best ROI for 2014. Continue reading “2014 Home Renovations with the Best ROI”

The Kilowatt Hour Explained

Like everyone else this winter, I’ve watched as my electrical bill has gone up and up and up. I’m not complaining, it’s cold and I’ve been using the heat to shield myself from the polar vortex lurking outside my walls.

But in looking at my bill, I realized that I really didn’t understand what I was looking at. Turns out, a good deal of people don’t exactly get it either. ‘Kilowatt Hour? What the heck is that?!’ Thankfully Google is here to answer all of my questions. Here’s what I learned:

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