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Good Faith Estimates: What to Expect When You’re Borrowing

Learn about Good Faith Estimates, how to read them properly, and what else you should consider.

To fix it or to adjust it?

Fixed rate mortgages hold steady while adjustable rate mortgages are variable. Find out what loan category is best for you and your home loan needs.

How Conventional Are You? Government vs. Conventional Loans

There are significant differences between government-backed loans and conventional. Understanding these differences will help you decide which category of loan is right for you.

Don’t Get Duped: Tips to Avoid Loan Modification Scams

Although there are many ways to legitimately modify a loan, if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Avoid these common loan scam tricks to keep your money and your investments safe.

Myths about Homeownership Keeping You from Buying?

Recent studies show that although most potential homebuyers think they’re well informed about the ins and outs of home buying, in reality, their knowledge is seriously lacking.

Mortgage Applications Down, Home Sales Up… What’s Going on Here?

On one hand, we’re told increasing mortgage rates are pushing mortgage applications down, and on the other we’re told the housing market is improving. Let’s stop the presses and take a look at the bigger picture to get a good idea of where the current market really is.